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Septic tanks do not get better with age. In fact, over the years, a septic tank system can begin only to cause headaches and problems. It can be confusing trying to figure out when a septic system needs repair or if it needs septic replacement Colorado Springs.

If you are experiencing frequent backups and slow-flushing toilets, it may indicate your system needs to be replaced. However, it can also mean that your septic tank needs to be
pumped. If you also experience persistent foul odors, standing water, and unusually green grass, a replacement is probably needed.

The more you see these types of issues with your septic system, the more often your tank needs to be pumped. If your septic needs frequent pumping, you need to replace it. Frequent pumping is not the same as regular pumping, and it is indicative of a failing system.

Another clear sign of a septic system failing is contaminated well water. Raw sewage can be forced from the septic tank to the surface, allowing nutrients, viruses, and coliform bacteria to infect the groundwater. If you suspect that your water is contaminated, you should call a professional immediately to check your water quality.

Every sign may indicate a replacement septic system is required. However, the only way to know for sure is to call a specialist like
Acme. We can perform an inspection that will identify all of the issues. If the system is too old or damaged, we can help guide you in the process of septic tank replacement. Call us today to schedule an appointment for septic replacement Colorado Springs.