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Recurrent septic tank pumping Colorado Springs is a critical element of proper septic tank maintenance. If this simple Colorado Springs septic tank cleaning is ignored, it can result in an expensive and hazardous situation.

At Acme, we are one of the top septic tank pumping companies Colorado Springs CO, and we can help ensure your property and health are protected. While the exact schedule of septic pumping Colorado Springs depends on the size of the tank and family size, it is recommended to get the system pumped every two to three years.

This septic pumping Colorado Springs will remove waste, which helps eliminate clogs and excess overflow. Pumping can also help to protect your system from severe damage. It also helps provide a variety of other excellent benefits.

Prevent Damage

When you create a routine septic system cleaning Colorado Springs, it can keep your system running for years. When our experts perform a thorough pump, they remove water residue as well as excess waste. When left alone, these particles can form clogs. The clogs can block the system, causing backups in the pipes.

Our septic tank cleaning Colorado Springs process will ensure your septic tank can allow water and waste to flow smoothly through the entire septic system without issues. This flowing will help to eliminate damage caused by clogs and other debris.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

As previously stated, routine
septic tank pumping will extend the system's lifespan, which will save you money from having to replace it. Septic tank pumping not only helps avoid premature replacement, but it also helps to prevent expensive repairs.

Periodic pumping also helps to protect various other components of the septic system. Our septic drain company Colorado Springs offers septic cleaning at an affordable price. Pumping only needs to be every two to three years, but it keeps your system in top shape saving you money.

Protects the Environment

When sewage escapes from the tank, it can reach close by rivers and lakes. If it gets to lakes and rivers, it will cause algal blooms, which are toxic to humans and wildlife. Sometimes, a leak in the septic tank is hard to identify.

However, if the grass is growing faster and greener near the drain field, it indicates that the grass is being fertilized. If you notice standing water in your yard or damp spots near the septic tank, it typically means that oil and grease are affecting the flow of wastewater. If you notice any of these signs, you should pump your septic tank as soon as possible.

Maintain Property Value

If you utilize septic tank pumping routinely, it helps to keep your septic system in good working order. Buyers take a well-functioning system into account when purchasing property. When selling your home, you can honestly say that you have correctly taken care of your septic tank and can provide receipts.

However, a potential new property owner will question a failing septic system. It may significantly reduce the property value lowering your profits from a sale. Periodic septic tanking pumping can help preserve the value of your home.

Prevent Drain Backup

One of the best ways to avoid icky drain backup is by regular septic tank pumping. If your drains are slightly backing up, you should not ignore it. It is one of the first signs that there may be a problem with your septic system. Give us a call at the early signs of a drain backup to prevent costly repairs later.

Reduce Water Contamination

If you use a well for your water, a lack of septic pumping can lead to water contamination. Waste is stored in the tank, and the effluent is allowed to float to the top of the tank. The effluent is sent to the drain field to allow it to be filtered before entering the ground.

If a septic tank is too full, it pushes the wastewater toward the leach field. This waste can clog the leach field, removing the filtering process. Without the proper filtering process, the contaminants can enter the ground and possibly your well water. With regular septic pumping, this hazard is removed.

If you are ready to take advantage of all of the benefits of regular septic tank pumping, you should schedule an appointment today. Acme is a fantastic
septic and sewer maintenance company serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Protect your home from an expensive and hazardous leak by giving us a call today.