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The average cost of septic tank replacement starts around $7,000. With proper septic service Colorado Springs, you can avoid the replacement process for many years. Adequate maintenance and septic repair Colorado Springs are essential to keeping your septic system running properly.

Acme, we understand the need to save money, so we provide excellent Colorado Springs septic services at affordable prices. Most experts recommend four simple steps to ensure your septic tank does not need septic repair Colorado Springs.

Step 1: Bacteria Additive

A live organic bacteria additive removes unnatural substances and solids from your septic tank. These artificial substances and solids include items such as detergents and soaps that enter the septic tank system from the drains of your home.

Substances like soap and detergent can kill the good bacteria needed for the septic system's proper functioning. You can use bacteria additives as a guarantee to keep the pipes clean, eliminate odors, and keep your system functioning correctly.

Step 2: Pumping

Another critical step in keeping your septic system functioning properly is a regular septic service schedule. Regular pumping helps to eliminate the amassing of solids in your system. The frequency of pumping depends upon the size of the tank and family. Our experts can evaluate your system and help you create the perfect schedule for your situation.

Step 3: Effluent Filter

This type of filter will prevent solids from transferring from the tank to the leach field. Some older models of septic systems will not have an effluent filter. However, if your model does have one of these filters, it must be cleaned and replaced whenever your septic system is serviced.

Step 4: Water Jetting

pumping is a critical component of a well-serviced septic system, solids and other debris will still accumulate in the drain pipes. This debris and solids will eventually also clog the tubes going from the septic tank to the drain field.

It is recommended to use high-pressure water jetting every so often to help prevent this clogging. We recommend a five-year schedule to ensure all of the debris is eliminated and remove, so it does not prevent your septic system from working correctly.

These four steps will help your septic system stay in good working order. We also recommend that you have a regular maintenance
inspection to maintain your septic tank and drain field. Limiting garbage disposal debris also helps to eliminate damage to the septic system. For more information about the dos and don'ts associated with the septic system, contact us today.